Here are the materials for my presentation at DH 2017 in Montreal. Feel free to contact me for questions or feedback. Slides: DH2017 Virtual Reality from Amanda Licastro Video: A Faculty Focus video produced by Stevenson University. Syllabi: 200-level literature course – http://stevensonenglish.org/eng28105-licastro16/syllabus/ 100-level writing course – http://stevensonenglish.org/eng151-on1-licastro17/syllabus/ Assignment – http://stevensonenglish.org/eng151-on1-licastro17/2017/04/17/final-assignment/ Tools mentioned: InstaVR Unity […]

Teaching Empathy Through Virtual Reality

Teaching Empathy Through Virtual Reality from Amanda Licastro Abstract: In Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the U.N. secretary proclaims, “[m]ankind needs more empathy” (1968). The poignancy of Dick’s novel is its accurate expression of the social challenge of diminishing human empathy. The author offers empathy as the defining characteristic of humanity. […]