Borough of Manhattan County Community College, New York, NY

Graduate Intern/Adjunct Instructor of English, 2010-12

English 101: Composition

This course is tailored every semester to the final exam readings selected by the department. Themes from these readings are used to prepare readings and design an assignment sequence which includes provocations, in-class and online discussions, drafts, group presentations, peer reviews, and research papers. Focus is on developing strong thesis statements and supporting arguments with evidence from the text.

English 201: Introduction to Literature

Using a theme, such as “Dangers of Technology,” this course examines literary genres (drama, novels, memoirs, poetry, short stories) through critical theory. A meta-awareness of methodology is developed through the use of innovative technology. A sample reading list, assignments, and student work can be found on the course blog:

Marywood University, Scranton, PA  

Adjunct Instructor, 2008-10

Early American Literature I and II: “Canon Wars”

This two course series invites students to critically examine the contents of the Norton Anthology of Literature, especially the diversity of authors included or excluded in each edition, in order to question how the proliferation and adoption of these textbooks can shape the invisible boarders of our discipline.

World Literature: “An Epic Quest”

Moving both chronologically and geographically this course examines the genre of the epic through literary theory, especially cultural and textual studies. Students work in groups to present critical analyses of each text leading to a final assignment in which students draw from biographical research and creative writing to compare texts.

Composition: “Riots and Revolutions”

This first-year writing course uses the lens of modern, international riots and revolutions to invite students to develop strong arguments using academic research and writing techniques. Social media, digital archives, and other online resources are used to develop digital literacy skills.                                        

Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA  Adjunct Instructor, 2008-10

Composition for Pharmacy Majors

Targeted specifically for students accepted into the competitive pharmacy program at Wilkes University, this course focuses on developing the literacy skills needed to excel in STEM fields.

Early American Literature

This upper-level seminar presented several difficult full-length texts and critical material to advanced humanities majors. The focus was on developing close reading and critical analysis skills.                                             

King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA  

Adjunct Instructor, 2008-10  

Writing Skills

This course was mandatory for all students who did not pass the writing component of the entrance exam at King’s College. The department developed the syllabus and selected the textbook with a focus on grammar and basic writing skills. As the instructor I included supplemental exercises and assignments to exercise these skills.


A portfolio-style writing course, that used process-based pedagogy to develop academic writing and research skills through assignments built on the rhetorical modes.                                                 

Harold Washington Community College, Chicago, IL

Supplemental Instructor, 2007-08

Writing Skills and Research Writing

As the internship component of my Teaching in Two-Year Colleges Certificate, I worked as a teaching assistant to a full-time faculty member who mentored me through designing assignments, grading student work, and tutoring students one-on-one in the writing center.